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Three-Phase AC Sampling Calibration Equipment VAST-50D
Three-Phase AC Sampling Calibration Equipment

VAST-50D is designed for testing and calibrating AC sample and this product is an ideal device for industrial and mining enterprise, electrical power system to test and calibrate electrical products.

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The output power is large, the stability is high, and the response speed is fast.

Voltage, current, power, phase, frequency are all adopted superior closed-loop output

Output standard harmonics 2~31 times, single or arbitrary superimposed multiple harmonic output

With open protocol software interface, users can program and control the instrument by themselves


Output voltage 57.5V, 100V, 220V,0~120% adjustable, finess:0.002%   Accuracy:0.05%
Output current 1A, 5A, 0~120%adjustable, finess:0.002% Accuracy:0.05%
Output voltage, current Distortion ≤ 0.1% Stability:0.01%/2min
Output AC voltage, current load Per phase: 15VA Load regulation
Output active / reactive power   Accuracy:0.05%/0.1%
Output frequency 45Hz ~ 65Hz, fineness: 0.001Hz Accuracy: 0.002Hz
Output phase 0~359.99°, finess:0.01° Accuracy:0.05°
Output power factor -1~0~+1, finess:0.0001 Accuracy:0.05%
Output harmonic 2~20times, can multiple superimposed,
0~40% adjustable
Output harmonic 21~31times, can multiple superimposed,
0~40% adjustable
Input voltage
57.5V, 100V, 220V, Range: 0~120% adjustable Accuracy:0.05%
Input current
5A, Range:0~120% adjustable Accuracy:0.05%
Clamp meter
5A, Range:0~120% adjustable Accuracy:0.2%
Volume 450 × 440 × 132(mm)  
Power supply Single-phase 220V ± 10%  
Weight About 15kg  

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