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Protection relays are essential devices for maintaining the operational safety of the electrical power system. Thus, it is essential to carry out periodic tests on this equipment, in order to prove its correct operation and reliability. With that in mind, Conprove developed its line of universal testers, ideal for conducting commissioning, maintenance and acceptance tests (TAF / TAC) of these devices, in addition to providing an innovative closed loop iterative testing methodology for the evaluation of protection devices .

Relay Testers Current Output Voltage Output Output Accuracy
VAE-702 3 * 40A 4 *120V 0.2
VAE-1200 6 * 30A 6 * 120V 0.2


Detail parameters

Parameter VAE702 VAE1200
Current Generator Setting range 3-phase AC(L-N) 3x0…40A
1-phase AC(LL-LN) 1x0…120A
DC(L-N) 3x…±10A
6-phase AC(L-N) 6x0…30A
3-phase AC(L-N) 3x0…60A
1-phase AC(LL-LN) 1x0…180A
DC(L-N) 6x0…±10 A
Current Generator Power 3-phase AC(L-N) 3x420VA at 40A
1-phase AC(LL-LN) 1x900VA at 120A
DC(L-N) 3x120VA at 10A
6-phase AC(L-N) 6x300VA at 30A
3-phase AC(L-N) 3x450VA at 60A
1-phase AC(LL-LN) 1x1000VA at 180A
DC(L-N) 6x70VA at 10A
Current Generator Accuracy AC: ≤0.2%
DC: ≤0.5%
AC: ≤0.2%
DC: ≤0.5%
Voltage Generator Setting range 4-phase AC(L-N) 4x0…120V
1-phase AC(L-L) 1x0…240V
DC(L-N) 3x…±160V
6-phase AC(L-N) 6x0…120V
3-phase AC(L-N) 3x0…240V
DC(L-N) 6x0…±160V
Voltage Generator Power 4-phase AC(L-N) 4x80VA at 120V
1-phase AC(L-L) 1x100VA at 240V
DC(L-N) 3x70VA at 160V
6-phase AC(L-N) 6x80VA at 120V
3-phase AC(L-N) 3x100VA at 240V
DC(L-N) 6x70VA at 160V
Voltage Generator Accuracy AC: ≤0.2%
DC: ≤0.5%
AC: ≤0.2%
DC: ≤0.5%
Auxiliary DC Supply Voltage range 110V/220V(max.1.5A) 110V/220V(max.1.5A)
Auxiliary DC Supply Power max.165VA/330VA max.165VA/330VA
Digital Inputs Number 8 8
Digital Inputs Input characteristics idle contact or potential-free contact idle contact or potential-free contact
Digital Inputs Threshold characteristics “0”:0~6V; “1”:11V~250V “0”:0~6V; “1”:12V~250V
Digital Inputs Max. measuring time 0.1ms~9999s 999999.999s
Digital Inputs Time accuracy 0.1ms ±1ms
Digital Outputs Number 4 8
Digital Outputs Type idle contact idle contact
Digital Outputs Break capacity 220VAC/0.5A, 220VDC/0.2A 250VAC/0.5A, 250VDC/0.2A
General Generators Frequency range: 0~1000Hz(PC mode), 20~300Hz(local mode)
resolution: 0.01Hz
range: 0~1000Hz
resolution: 0.01Hz
General Generators Phase range: 0~360°
accuracy: 0.2°
resolution: 0.1°
range: -360° ~+360°
accuracy: 0.1°
resolution: 0.1°
General Generators Harmonic superposition orders: 1~20(PC mode), 1~6(local mode)
distortion: ≤0.5%
superposition order: 2~20 times
distortion: ≤0.5%
Power Supply Nominal input voltage customized(AC230V/120V±10%,1-phase) customized(AC230V/120V±10%,1-phase)
Power Supply Nominal frequency 50/60 Hz 50/60 Hz
Power Supply Rated current 10A at 230V / 12A at 115V 10A at 230V / 12A at 120V
Power Supply Connection standard AC socket (IEC 60320) standard AC socket (IEC 60320)
Environmental Conditions Operation temperature 0 ... +50 °C (+32 ... +122 °F) 0 ... +50 °C (+32 ... +122 °F)
Environmental Conditions Storage temperature -25 ... +70 °C (-13 ... +158 °F) -25 ... +70 °C (-13 ... +158 °F)
Environmental Conditions Humidity range relative humidity 5 ... 95 %, non-condensing relative humidity 5 ... 95 %, non-condensing
Environmental Conditions Vibration IEC 60068-2-6(20m/s2 at 10 ... 150 Hz) IEC 60068-2-6(20m/s2 at 10 ... 150 Hz)
Miscellaneous Weight 19.7kg(43.43 lb) 20.3kg(44.75 lb)
Miscellaneous Dimensions (W x H x D, without handle) 400×300×180mm(15.75x11.81x7.09 in) 470×550×280mm(18.50x21.65x11.02 in)
Miscellaneous Connection port for PC connection 2 USB ports, 1 serial port

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