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Portable DC System Ground Fault Locator
DC Fault Tester

The HBD-81 DC Portable DC System Ground Fault Locator designed for DC fault testing. This equipment utilizes the principle of DC current differential detection and incorporates fast FFT (Fast Fourier Transform) technology for detailed analysis of the amplitude-frequency characteristics of the test signal. By balancing the safety and sensitivity aspects of DC ground fault locating, it effectively resolves the conflict between the two

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 The HBD-81 Portable DC System Ground Fault Locator is capable of detecting various insulation faults, DC intercoupling faults, and AC leakage faults in DC systems of different voltage levels, including 24V, 48V, 110V, and 220V. With its accurate and reliable performance, it enables users to quickly locate faults in DC power systems, thereby enhancing troubleshooting efficiency.

This highly precise and sensitive device ensures safe and efficient maintenance and fault diagnosis in DC systems. Whether in industrial production sites or laboratory environments, the HBD-81 DC Fault Tester provides a user-friendly and reliable solution for fault detection.

Functions as below:

  1. The device can measure the voltage between the system and ground, system voltage, within a monitoring range of 0-300V.
  2. It can measure the insulation impedance between the system and ground, detect the balance bridge size, with a detection range of 0-999.9KΩ.
  3. The device can measure the AC voltage component that infiltrates the DC system, within a range of 0-280V.
  4. It can measure and display the distributed capacitance of the system in real-time.
  5. The device can detect various network faults in the two bus sections, including positive loop, negative loop, bipolar loop, and heteropolar loop, and locate the network fault points through waveform and directional display.
  6. It can be used to locate high impedance network faults by adjusting modulation, frequency, and current waveform selection.
  7. The device can measure the insulation impedance between each branch and ground, and locate the insulation fault points through waveform and directional display.
  8. It has spectrum analysis capabilities based on fast FFT transformation technology, allowing for efficient sampling and improved detection accuracy.
  9. The device can be used as a high-precision ammeter with a measurement resolution of up to 0.01mA.
  10. The equipment can automatically identify the system voltage level and determine the type of network fault.





DC Voltage 0-300V 0.1V 0.2%
AC Voltage 0-280V 0.1V 0.5%
Insulation Resistance 0-999.9KΩ 0.1KΩ ≤±5%
Detection Bridge      
Amplitude Adjustment      
Range 0mA, 0.25mA, 0.5mA, 1mA, 2mA    
Network Resistance      
Value Range Up to 50KΩ    
System Distributed      
Capacitance 0-999.9uF    
System-to-Ground 0-1000kΩ    
Capacitance Impedance      
Waveform Type Selection Sine Wave, Square Wave    
Operating Modes      

Probe Technical

Insulation Resistance 0-500KΩ 0.1KΩ ≤±10%
Spectrum Analysis      
Frequency Range 0.125-12.5Hz 0.125Hz  
Current Waveform      
Display Cycle 8s    
Detectable Feeder 0-2A    
Current Range      
Current Measurement -100—+100mA 0.01mA

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