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Testing 86 Lockout Protection Relay: Principles, Process, and Analysis using Nari and GE Protection Devices

Testing 86 Lockout Protection Relay: Principles, Process, and Analysis using Nari and GE Protection Devices

Relay protection technology plays a crucial role in the modern power system, and it is used for protecting all types of power system components from faults. The relay protection system works based on the principle of measuring electrical quantities like voltage or current and using them to make accurate measurements of power system faults. In this article, we will focus on 86 lockout protection and its principles, testing methods, results analysis, and testing procedures for Nari and GE protective devices.

86 lockout protection is a critical method used to prevent recurrent tripping during mutual inductive occurring. 86 lockout protection is usually equipped on transformer windings and motor stator windings. During winding inrush currents, the protection acts to avoid the unwanted trip of relays by locking them out. This function effectively improves the security and stability of the power system.

To test the 86 lockout protection on GE protective devices, a testing procedure can be employed. First, the corresponding settings should be verified before testing. Then, the phase sequence should be confirmed, and the current should be checked to ensure it meets the rated value. Next, a secondary injection kit could be used to simulate an electric fault. At last, the testing results should be collected, and the protection relay performance should be analyzed.

The testing procedure for the Nari protective device is similar. However, it may require primary injection tests instead of secondary injection tests to verify relay protection performance. After the test, the protection function should operate well, and the test results should be well documented.

In conclusion, 86 lockout protection is an essential method to avoid unwanted relay trips in transformer windings and motor stator windings. GE and Nari protective devices offer accurate and reliable protection with testing procedures that help ensure the secure, steady operation of the power system.

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