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HBD-81 DC Fault Tester: A High-Precision Solution for DC Fault Testing

HBD-81 DC Fault Tester: High-Precision Testing for Insulation and Mutual Inductance Faults


The HBD-81 DC Fault Tester is a cutting-edge solution that offers unparalleled accuracy in detecting and locating insulation faults, mutual inductance faults, and AC crossover faults in DC systems. Leveraging the principles of DC current differential detection and fast FFT transformation technology, this device provides a detailed analysis of the amplitude-frequency characteristics, ensuring both safety and sensitivity.

Key Features of the HBD-81 DC Fault Tester

  1. Measurement of System Ground Voltage, System Voltage, and Voltage Monitoring Range (0-300V)
  2. Measurement of System-to-Ground Insulation Impedance, Balancing Bridge Size, and Detection Range (0-999.9KΩ)
  3. Measurement of AC Voltage Components in the DC System, Range (0-280V)
  4. Real-time Display of the System's Distributed Capacitance
  5. Detection and Localization of Various Grid Faults, including Positive Pole, Negative Pole, Bipolar, and Heteropolar Circuits, with Waveform and Directional Displays
  6. Localization of High Impedance Grid Faults through Options such as Amplitude Modulation, Frequency Modulation, and Current Waveform Selection
  7. Measurement of Insulation Impedance for Each Branch, Localization of Insulation Fault Points through Waveform and Directional Displays
  8. Efficient Sampling and Improved Detection Accuracy through Fast FFT Transformation Technology, Enabling Current Spectral Analysis
  9. High-Precision Current Metering with a Resolution of 0.01mA
  10. Automatic System Voltage Level Recognition and Grid Fault Classification


The HBD-81 DC Fault Tester is a powerful and versatile device, offering high precision and reliability in detecting and locating various faults in DC systems. Its advanced features, including waveform displays, directional indicators, and fast FFT transformation technology, make it an essential tool for comprehensive fault analysis. With its ability to automatically recognize system voltage levels and classify grid faults, the HBD-81 is a valuable asset in ensuring the safety and efficiency of DC systems.

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